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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

18 movies.  Ten years.  

That's how long this has been building up. 

It would have been easy to chalk up the buzz behind Infinity War as marketing hype, rabid fanboy passion, or something else.  And honestly, before the movie came out, no one would have blamed you.

And then the credits rolled on Infinity War.  And it turns out... no... it was all true.  All of it.  In some weird way, the movie manages to exceed the insane amounts of hype that led into it.

And if you're like us, when those credits finished rolling... you walked out of the theater with your jaw hanging open, and some emotional scars.  

So let's heal together! 

After multiple viewings, Parris and Jay sit down to talk about the fallout from Infinity War... both in terms of the events of the movie, and how the movie has impacted us.  

We're going to go into detail on all the events of Infinity War, beginning to end.  We talk about the things that were under-served, the characters we didn't deserve, and the path that's been laid out over the past 18 movies.  

We also have ideas on where the story will go next.  The ending leaves one of the largest cliffhangers in cinematic history, but if you look at Infinity War, there are clues about the road ahead.

This entire episode is dedicated to Avengers: Infinity War, and because there are SO MANY SPOILERS, we've elected to postpone our conversation around Fletch until Episode 74.  And if you're one of the people that hasn't seen Infinity War yet, we strongly urge you to wait to listen to this episode until you've had a chance to watch the movie.  Trust us, there's magic in not knowing.

Our show continues to grow because of YOU, our listeners! We appreciate all the feedback we've had over the past two episodes.  We hope that after you've had a chance to listen to this, you'll drop us a line and tell us you enjoyed it. We're on Twitter via @rwpodcast, on Facebook at @rwpodcast, and you can email us at rw -at-

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We thought we were prepared.

After that hype-generating trailer back in November, we thought we were ready for what Infinity War had to offer.  And then that second trailer hit last week...

We're starting the show with BOTH of us needing an adult, and recap'ing the second trailer.  Parris and Jay have theories.. who lives, who dies, and just who the heck Peter Dinklage is playing.  (We're guessing it's not Thor)

And on the flip side of the Marvel coin, there's the second season of Jessica Jones.  Is it as bad as Iron Fist?  No. But the show really does have some problems, and we've got to talk about that Villain problem that Marvel's running up against.  

Then it's trailer talk, and some TV catch-up! This Is Us and The Good Place are two fantastic shows you need to be watching if you aren't already.

Lastly, we jump into Doctor Who, some listener Q&A... and Jay's got a question.  And a confession.  But we'll get to that.

Thank you, as always to our listeners.  We had some amazing feedback on the last show, and we hope you'll keep it coming.  The positive words, the encouragement, and your support are the reasons we do this show

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0:00 to 24:28 - The Infinity War trailer
24:28 - 28:47 - Spider-man: Into the Spidey-verse and the Venom trailer
28:47 - 42:32 - Jessica Jones S2 and the Marvel Netflix verse
42:32 - 54:00 - TV shows (This is Us, The Good Place, Doctor Who, Westworld)
54:00 - 58:57 - Audience questions from our live stream
58:57 to end - Jay's confession, and a question

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After a lengthy slumber that feels like something the Winter Soldier would have experienced, Remember When is back on the air.  Grab a drink and get comfortable, because we have a LOT of ground to cover.

To start our show, there's the Star Wars conversation.  We're covering The Last Jedi with a ton of spoilers, and talking about the transitional elements of this movie, how the future of the Skywalker franchise looks, and what we think about this whole "Anthology" set of prequels.  If Solo's teasers are any indication, the future isn't so bright for them.

Then we jump into the latter half of Netflix's lineup of Marvel shows in 2017.  After knockout hits in Luke Cage and Daredevil, we're faced with the Sophomore Slump of Iron Fist and the mediocre Defenders.  We've got lots to say.

And what about Spider-Man Homecoming? Is it one of the best things to come out of the Sony email hack, or is Michael Keaton still just Birdman? Do we finally have a definitive web slinger, and is Tom Holland the right guy? 

After that, we're hitting Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  A quick taste change in Marvel movies following last year's Civil War

But then we get to the juicy bits... Black Panther. This utterly stellar Marvel movie isn't just great superhero cinema... it's just a perfect movie on its own.  We talk about its impact on the MCU, how it affects Parris, and what this movie means in our current social and political structures.  Serious talk?  You bet.  But it's beautiful, just like the movie that inspires it.

.... oh crap, DC did a bunch of stuff too.  We should talk about that just for the sake of posterity, so join us near the end as we cover Justice League.  Believe it or not, Jay liked it!

The road ahead looks good too.  Infinity War is just around the corner, Deadpool 2 is mere weeks afterwards.... the future is bright indeed.

And speaking of the road ahead, be sure and join us for the final minutes of the podcast.  We're talking about what's next for Remember When, and you might be surprised at some of the cool stuff we have in store for you. 

It's been a while.  Life happened while we were gone. But we're back, and we're happy to be here.  Thanks for having us on your podcast playlist.

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TIME STAMPS (spoilers for all)

0:00 to 39:15 - Star Wars (Last Jedi spoilers, Solo teasers, and Rogue One)

39:16 to 45:15 - Marvel Netflix (Iron Fist, The Defenders, brief mentions of The Punisher)

45:16 to 50:55 - Spider-man Homecoming

50:56 to 55:30 - Thor Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

55:31 to 1:15:47 - Black Panther

1:15:48 to 1:22:01 - Justice League and a bit of BvsS

1:22:02 to 1:33:58 - Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2 (no spoilers, just gushing praise)

1:33:59 to end - The road ahead for RW

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