Remember When
The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

OK you guys, listen.

We normally start the show and tell you how and where to find us. Email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook pages, and so on.

NONE OF THAT MATTERS. We're skipping the usual introductions and jumping right in this time, because holy cow... a lot has happened in the last few months!

We start out talking about Rogue One.  The latest in the Star Wars rebirth movies had some shaky production stories behind it.  One of us hated it, and the other one loved it.  Flawed? Yes.  But we've got both sides of the Force with us here. And the high ground!

After that, it's time to talk Justice League, Marvel, and what the rest of 2017 looks like.

While we're on the subject of Marvel, we should probably mention that Jay has watched the entirety of Luke Cage! It's time for us to talk about the Marvel universe in Netflix.  Thankfully, Parris has also watched Iron Fist and is happy to give us important words of caution.   Words like "boring" and "yawn". 

Oh, and speaking of Netflix?  Stranger Things.  It happens here.

And we even cover Three Amigos. 

It's like we have many pinatas. A PLETHORA of pinatas.

We have a lot of ground to catch up on. Come join us for the ride.  It's our first show of 2017. And on the plus side, at least our podcasts are more frequent than Sherlock seasons (and more enjoyable, based on the most recent season!)

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