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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

The wait is over, and it has finally arrived. Episode VII is now in theaters, and we're dusting off the microphones to give you an early Christmas present!

Our entire episode show is nearly 90 minutes long, and it focuses exclusively on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Be warned: This show is one of the most spoiler-filled romps you've ever experienced.


With two separate screenings under each of our respective belts, we've each walked away with different perspectives. This show is a deep dive into EVERYTHING related to The Force Awakens... the strengths and weaknesses of the new characters, the problems inherent with bringing back an old cast, where the new movie falls flat, and what it gets right.

It's a passionate discussion. The two of us end up on opposite sides of the Like/Dislike scale in quite a few areas, even in a few spots you might not expect.

Get ready. Get comfortable. We're about to tell you everything we think and feel about the "revival" of the Star Wars franchise. And it's gonna be amazing.

As always, we're grateful to our fans for your support and patience. We do this because of you! If you'd like to connect with us between shows, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter at @rwpodcast, or email us at

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"Chewie... we're home"

And since we know your RSS feed has been feeling a little dusty, we don't waste a lot of time with the formalities in our latest episode of Remember When. We've barely said our hello's when we jump into the show content.

Because BOY OH BOY, we have a lot of ground to cover!

Age of Ultron is our first target. It's been hyped, marketed, teased, and long-sought-after. But after the extensive wait, this movie just can't meet expectations. We're prepared to tear it a new one. We spoil the heck out of this movie.

Then there's the new season of Game of Snore... er, Game of Thrones. Jay came close to tapping out near the end, and Parris has some pointed thoughts on why this season feels so "off". And yeah, we tell you all the big story moments here, too.

The fun isn't limited to those two items, either. At the end of the show, we're mixing in talk of the new Episode VII teaser, our Ant-Man anticipation (or rather, extreme lack thereof), Netflix's Daredevil show, the third season of Orange is the New Black, the final season of Mad Men, the premiere season of Better Call Saul...

It's a show filled with five months of conversation, all wrapped up in an hour. And we jump around a lot with tons of spoilers, but rest assured, we cover a lot of ground. 

Fans of our original podcast, UncleGamer Radio....  you might want to pay close attention to those final few minutes of this episode.

We love our fans. We appreciate you tremendously, even when you're sending us hundreds of email messages asking when the next episode is coming. We do this show because your passion matches ours. Please keep that feedback coming! You can talk to us between shows by emailing us at or on our Facebook page at

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Remember When has always been about the odd tangents, so for our first episode of 2015, we're taking on a new piece of media.

Podcasts have been in a renewed spotlight over the past four months as a result of the success of Serial, a new show from the team behind This American Life.  Serial is the documented review of the murder trial against Adnan Syed, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 1999.  This investigation is filled with drama, corruption, lies, suspicion, and so many incredible stories that it's hard to believe it's all true.  

But this 15 year old murder is not only a true story, but is reported on so fascinatingly and in such minute detail that we've been captivated by Sarah Koenig and the stories she has to share.

Parris and Jay recap their learnings from the Serial podcast, who they think committed the murder, and talk about their stance on Adnan's claimed innocence.  We're pretty sure the Mail Kimp girl did it.

Not a fan of Serial?  Don't worry, we're not going to leave out without a movie discussion.  November and December had some HUGE trailer releases, and we're going to talk about them. We also give you some initial details on our FIRST REMEMBER WHEN MEETUP!  Coming to Seattle in December 2015.  Know any good movies coming out then?

Remember When is a product of love, and we offer it as a free download to our listeners.  Your enthusiasm and your feedback is one of the most important pieces of our show.  If you haven't already, please like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @rwpodcast.  Or you can email us at!

Time stamps:

0:00 to 1:01:48 - Serial discussion (spoiling every episode)

1:01:48 to end - Trailer discussion (we spoil the trailers for Terminator Genisys, Jurassic World, Episode VII, Avengers 2, and Ant-Man)

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