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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

Good podcasters always pay their debts.   For Remember When, that means we're finally giving you what you've all been waiting for! 

We're heading to Westeros and taking a deep dive into Game of Thrones.  

After several years of Parris' urging to get on the bandwagon, Jay has finally (FINALLY) caught up on the show.  He's so eager to talk about it that we barely have time to do a show intro!  We just jump right in.

We won't lie:  It's an intense talk.

It took Jay a few attempts to get into the show, and you probably won't be able to guess why.  We rave about some of the best performances in the show, and it's not just dominated by Peter Dinklage.  And we talk about THAT MOMENT in Season 3, when the wedding gets a little red.

We don't just cover individual episodes either.  We talk about our crazy theories on how the show will end, and what's in store for some of our favorite characters.  

And the epic conversations don't just stop at Dem Thrones!  These past few weeks have given us a bevy of news from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  We've seen some of the first meaty scenes from Age of Ultron, we've seen the full roster of movies that's coming for Phase 3.... and boy, are we giddy.

Cap 3.  Civil War.  The Infinity War.  It's just.... so beautiful.  And we talk about them all, and how this giant story is about to get woven together.  

There's a lot of goodness in the show, if we say so ourselves!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 to 38:48 - Game of Thrones, all four seasons spoiled

38:48 to end - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase 3, the Age of Ultron trailer, why DC must be crying in a corner, and the Great Geek Cinema Year That Will Be 2015.

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