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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

Remember When is pleased to present a seminal moment in our show roster.  After many episodes of hinting and an unintentional delay of a few months, Parris and Jay are pleased to bring you their unabashed and honest conversation about The Empire Strikes Back.

This entire episode is dedicated to our discussion of Irvin Kershner's masterpiece film, and we take a look back at how this movie impacted us in the 80's, how the storyline has changed with us over time, and the new and interesting ways we've viewed the movie at different points in our respective lives.  We give an honest look at the perceived 'perfection' of Empire Strikes Back amongst Star Wars fans and how, in some ways, Episode V is still setting a bar for other Science Fiction films in our modern time.  

We go into our separate beliefs on the Special Edition-ization of Empire and, believe it or not, there are actually updates in the SE that we found both worthy and enjoyable! There's chat about 'the big twist' at the end of the movie, how it was originally scripted, and what it would have meant had the original script been fulfilled.  Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe in which Return of the Jedi was 2 full hours of awesomeness.....   ah, what a dream.

And speaking of Ewoks, we'll be back with our Jedi podcast soon, but plan to bring you an Avengers-filled extravanganza for our next show.  

Although we say it many times in many ways, our shows exists and thrives because we have so many wonderful fans who support us and share in our enthusiasm.  We do this show for you as much as we do it for ourselves, and we continue to thank all of you who tell your friends, family, and loved ones about Remember When.   To keep in touch with us between shows, drop by our Facebook page at or leave us an email at  We'd love to hear from you!

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No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  We're back with a brand new, fresh episode of Remember When... less than two weeks since the last one!  It may seem like an April Fools Joke but trust us, there's nothing to laugh at here...

Well, not unless you count The Hunger Games.  After watching the hit movie, we have some pretty strong opinions we want to voice about how underwhelming of an experience The Hunger Games was, and how we wish there had been a better chance to emotionally connect with the movie and its characters.  This section is filled with spoilers, but if you listen and have the movie ruined for you... we might be doing you a favor.

Then we progress into some continued discussions on the upcoming summer movies as we talk about the new trailer for the Total Recall remake, the new Prometheus trailer and our excitement for this new Ridley Scott endeavor (as well as our concerns about it) and Parris' love for Charlize Theron in both Prometheus and the new Snow White Movie

We end the show with a discussion on the Walking Dead, Mad Men, and a chat about piracy and the logic behind "cutting the cable cord".  It's a fun and interesting talk.

We continue to do our show thanks to the many, many fans who support us and the work we do, and we hope you'll continue to do so.  Why not connect with us online?  You can call our voicemail number at 206-495-1732, email us at, ping us on our Twitter account at @RWPodcast, or find us on Facebook at

Time Stamps

0:00 - 25:36 - The Hunger Games (with plenty of spoilers)

25:36 - 43:10 - Parris' new confession, lots of movie trailer talk (including Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Anchorman 2, GI Joe 2, the new Snow White movie, Prometheus, Total Recall, and more)

43:10 - End - TV Catchup, a discussion on content piracy, and when it makes sense to "Cut the cable cord".  (spoilers on the 5th season pilot for Mad Men, pretty mild spoilers on the Walking Dead finale, and a bunch of tangents otherwise) 

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