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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

A displacement of geographic proportions left our podcast in an unintended hiatus.  Now that Jay's moved across the country and settled into his new digs, we're back behind the mics and getting into our old routine.

Episode 54 drops us at the end of our Star Wars series, where we sit and take a look at 1983's Return of the Jedi.  The final installment of the Original Trilogy is a controversial piece to say the least, but a renewed look at the movie brings a few surprises.  We talk about the Return of the Jedi that might have been (Han dies before the first half of the movie?) and the Return of the Jedi that will never be again (Hayden Christensen's Ghost... need we say more?).  You don't even have to be an Ewok lover to find something to agree with us with in this show... we run the gamut of opinions and have a lot to talk about.

And the timing of our episode couldn't have come at a better time!  Between the news of the Disney buyout of LucasFilm and the announcement of Episodes VII through IX, there's a whole slew of new stuff for us to offer up our opinion on.  We're going to tell you why you don't REALLY want to see the original cast in the new movie, why it's a terrible idea to film the Heir to the Empire trilogy in this day and age, and what it's going to take for the new movies to be successful.

We cap off the show with a look at the road ahead for movies and our current landscape of TV.  The new Star Trek teaser certainly teased, the poster for Man of Steel has us intrigued, and Homeland's looking pretty solid.

As always, thank you to our fans for your patience and understanding.  We appreciate it as the Universe is taking us in new and exciting directions in our personal lives!  If you'd like to reach us, give us a ring at 714-758-5027 (you can call or text)! Or if you don't want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page at


0:00 to 5:01 - Intro

5:01 to 43:57 - Return of the Jedi (spoiler filled discussion)

43:57 to 1:06:43 - The future of Star Wars

1:06:43 to End - Star Trek teaser (some mild spoilers), the Man of Steel, Homeland

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Our tangents escape us as we start off Episode 53, the latest and greatest episode in your Remember When podcast. Before the show even starts, we kick off with some crazy hijinx as Siri delivers some bad news to Parris, leaving him flummoxed as Florida State is down at the half.  

And then we jump into this week's episode of "Great" Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  We're using "Great" in the loosest sense of the word, because our latest movie from the Wayback Machine is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension.  If you've never seen this movie before, our advice before watching it is.... don't.  If you have seen the movie before, then sit back and relax as we look at one of those nostalgic 80's movies that has been absolutely decimated by the passage of time.  Seriously, what were we thinking?  

After a spoiler-laden discussion, we jump into our thoughts on some of the upcoming movies for 2012 and how the last three months of the year may be infinitely better than the first nine combined.  With so many great movies in November and December, it almost makes up for the lackluster summer season.

We take a look back at the first half of Breaking Bad's final season and discuss whether or not it was a smart idea to split the season, and if the narrative handled the split well.  We also chat about NBC's comedies as the fall season starts, and some of the more promising shows in this year's lineup.  Plus, Jay gives us the scoop on his Walking Dead adventures!

And guess what?  WE HAVE A VOICE MAIL PHONE LINE AGAIN!  And more importantly, it accepts both phone calls and standard text messages.  So why not give us a ring at 714-758-5027?  Or if you don't want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page at or say hi to us on Twitter at @rwpodcast

0:00 to 1:51 - Siri's sidetrack, show Intro

1:51 to 16:11 - Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen (Buckaroo Banzai)

16:11 to 24:56 - Quick tangent into the new Robocop remake, the Kick-Ass sequel, and the summer movie season (ridiculously mild spoilers)

24:56 to 34:22 -  The new trailers for Lincoln, Cloud Atlas, Skyfall, The Hobbit, and the close-out movies for 2012

34:22 to 50:34 - Breaking Bad (spoilers for the whole thing)

50:34 to 57:04 - NBC's Revolution, Parks & Rec's new season (super duper mild spoilers)

57:04 to 1:00:46 - Jay's adventures through The Walking Dead S2 (spoilers through episode 4)

1:00:46 to 1:05:00 - The New Normal (mild spoilers)

1:05:00 to end - Wrap up

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We're back in the saddle right out of the gate with episode 52. Want us to prove it?  Here's the scoop:  We tangent RIGHT AWAY.  Before we start talking about movies, before we jump into any of our planned topics, we get ourselves sidetracked.  And with real life news, to boot!  We talk about some of the successes in our personal lives, what's been driving us lately... and even hint strongly at a video game podcast in the near-ish future?

After ten minutes, we hop into the Wayback Machine and jump back in time to 1993.  America was still recoiling from the horrific news that Crystal Pepsi was being pulled off the market, and we needed something to heal ourselves with.  Along comes Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg's popcorn flick based on the Michael Crichton novel.    We talk about what it was like to sit wide-eyed under a giant screen with the new DTS sound systems when the movie came out on opening weekend.... and then give the movie a fresh look.  Can a two decade old movie that's special effect heavy hold up under the weight of time?

Then we tangent into Star Wars and Spielberg's involvement with the Lucas franchise (and vice versa)... and further spiral off into Jay's "delayed reaction" on some of our recent comedies... Parris' fresh look at The Avengers... and more!  It's one of our most tangent-y shows of all time, and it's chock full of goodies.  

And guess what?  WE HAVE A VOICE MAIL PHONE LINE AGAIN!  And more importantly, it accepts both phone calls and standard text messages.  So why not give us a ring at 714-758-5027?  Or if you don't want to hear the sounds of our voices, you can click through to our Facebook page at or say hi to us on Twitter at @rwpodcast.  You can also type out a nice letter to us and send it to

Time stamps:

0:00 to 11:10 - Intro, sidetrack into real life stuff, weight loss, and a potential video game podcast

11:10 to 28:28 - Jurassic Park chat

28:28 to 32:44   -  George Lucas & Steven Spielberg, 1941, Jay's "delayed reaction" to recent "Great Movies"

32:44 to 35:55 - Caddyshack, Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Saturday Night Live (the early years, when it was good)

35:55 to 45:16 - True Blood (with tons of spoilers... but trust us, we're sparing you)

45:16 to 48:22 - Breaking Bad (mild spoilers, but a few choice quotes)

48:22 to 51:42 - Jay's little surprise

51:42 to 59:27 - Homeland & Dexter (no spoilers) plus an extended discussion on why you can't flinch when a character needs to die

59:27 to 1:08:26  - Parris takes a second look at The Avengers (with spoilers) with a fresh look at The Dark Knight Rises (also with spoilers)

1:08:26 to 1:14:10 - Jay goes through the summer movie season 

1:14:10 to 1:19:18  - WTF JAY HAS NEVER SEEN BUCKAROO BANZAI?!?!  (and more tangents)

1:19:18 to end - Wrap up

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When you take a man and turn him into an idea, he becomes a legend.  When you take a movie franchise and turn it into a legend, it ends up generating one of the most epic podcasts of all time.  And after much anticipation on everyone's parts (including our own!), we're pleased to present our dedicated podcast for The Dark Knight Rises.

Recorded on the same day we both saw Christopher Nolan's cap on the Batman trilogy, we sit down with fresh memories of the movie and talk about what we loved, how so many of the ideas and concepts in the movie were beautiful constructed over the course of the three movies, and how The Dark Knight Rises managed to provide some serious pay-off.  

We look back at our original skepticism on Anne Hathaway's casting as Selina Kyle and laugh at how foolish we were.  Then we look back at Joseph Gordon Levitt's casting and find ourselves a little puzzled.  Jay admits to having some problems with the ending, we look at some of the parts that don't add up...

But through it all, we cap off a legacy with a detailed look at why The Dark Knight Rises is such a brilliant, spectacular piece of cinema.  And while it's certainly not the perfection piece that The Dark Knight was, we can certainly agree that TDKR is what it needs to be... one of the best endings in any trilogy in a long, long time.

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Got any bubble gum?

OBEY!  CONSUME!  And most of all, kick a**.  The leading themes in "They Live", John Carpenter's cult film from the 80's, bring us back into a new episode of Remember When.  Parris has never seen this little gem of cinema before, and takes time to sit down and watch Rowdy Roddy Piper in one of his greatest performances of all time.  We talk about how the movie holds up over the past 25 years, and how some of its themes have become far more relevant in modern times than they were when the movie first released.

Parris comes back from his viewing of Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter with an admission of his own, and Jay talks about how a second viewing of Prometheus helped to alleviate his ambivalence towards the movie.  Both of us have had second helpings of The Avengers as well, and we spend some time talking about the state of Superhero movies in the industry.

Then we progress into a series of fun, wild tangents through the state of TV as we get caught up on the ending of Mad Men, the sad progression of the latest season of True Blood, and the teasers for the new seasons of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.   

Episode 51 is coming in a few weeks and will be dedicated to one of the summer's most anticipated blockbuster titles.  Tune in on the weekend of the 21st for our in-depth analysis of The Lorax!  Or maybe we'll take our time and see something less amusing...

As we do every episode, we'd like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our many fans who encourage us, support us, and share their appreciation for the show. Remember When is a product of love, and we do this because of all the wonderful people in our listenership who share our passions, who agree and disagree with us, and then offer to buy us a drink if we're ever in their town. Thank you to all of you.

Between shows, we keep up with fans on our Facebook page at, through our Twitter account at, or on the web at

Time stamps:

0:00 to 4:55 - Intro, show notes
4:55 to 16:40 - They Live (lots of spoilers for the movie)
16:40 to 23:28 - Parris' confession about Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter (spoiler laden)
23: 28 to 34:50 - Jay's second viewing of Prometheus, and talk about the Blu-ray release (again, lots of spoilers)
34:50 to 38:52 - Breaking Bad, Joss Whedon, Cabin in the Woods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (very minor spoilers)
38:52 to 46:00 - Brave, Monsters University trailer and the overall state of Pixar (minor spoilers for Monsters Inc and a few other Pixar movies, but none for Brave)
46:00 to 53:22 - True Blood (lots of spoilers for this season)
53:22 to 1:03:50 - Closing out the Mad Men season (lots of spoilers)
1:03:50 to end - The Walking Dead, more Breaking Bad, The Shield, Insomnia, Chris Nolan (incredibly minor spoilers)

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They say that in space, no one can hear you scream.  But if you're like either of us, you were probably ecstatic to hear that Ridley Scott would be coming back to his beloved outer space franchise and directing a semi-prequel to Alien.  And now that it's been released, we're sitting down behind our respective microphones to talk about 2012's Prometheus.

With a high profile director like Ridley Scott, and a cast that includes such notables as Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and that girl with the tattoo, you'd probably expect this to be another slam dunk in the roster of Summer Movies, akin to The Avengers in pedigree, scope, and the "Wow" factor.

This podcast takes a look at both Alien (which is now 33 years old... holy cow, we're old!) and Prometheus.  We spoil them both as we talk about how the two tie into each other, what's missing from the new movie, what opportunities were left untouched, and how certain actors in this movie are just kick-ass beyond belief.  When Prometheus works, it's fantastic.  And when it doesn't....


You just take off and nuke the site from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.

It's a really unique conversation that leaves us in an even more unique landing point after it's all said and done.  

As we do every episode, we'd like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our many fans who encourage us, support us, and share their appreciation for the show.  Remember When is a product of love, and we do this because of all the wonderful people in our listenership who share our passions, who agree and disagree with us, and then offer to buy us a drink if we're ever in their town.  Thank you to all of you.

Between shows, we keep up with fans on our Facebook page, which is located at You can also find us on Twitter via @rwpodcast, or on the web at 

Enjoy the show!

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Parris and Jay, Assemble!  The summer movie season has kicked off with a bang and it's time to jump in feet first.

Our latest episode focuses exclusively on The Avengers, the Joss Whedon extravaganza that unites the recent Marvel movie stars into a single adventure.  With a budget that's estimated at nearly a quarter of a billion dollars, a marketing machine that's been unstoppable over the past few months, and a huge wave of expectations in the hearts of the fans, The Avengers has a high bar to meet.

We sit down and talk about why Joss Whedon was the absolute perfect person to direct this ensemble film and how the movie is one of the perfect examples of how to treat a cast filled with high profile names.  We each talk about who our favorite character in the movie was (we agreed) and who we liked least.  

Then we pick through the movie piece by piece, finding some of the narrative elements that didn't serve the movie and almost seemed cheap compared to the better parts of Avengers, or even the other Marvel films of the past five years.  We also talk about why leaving out Ant Man in favor of the others was a great move, some of our favorite dialog moments, and a whole lot more. 

Does the movie make a great start to the summer season, and do we really talk about The Avengers for almost 90 minutes?  You'll get one answer in the show notes, and the other by listening in!

Then we jump into our talk on the summer movie trailers.  Jay caved and watched The Dark Knight Rises trailer, but his excitement is tempered by caution.  Parris is over Spider-Man already but can't wait for Prometheus.  And of course, we talk G.I. Joe 2.

We even find out that Parris missed out on one of the greatest film experiences of the 80's.  Can you guess which one it is? 

Remember When is a product of friendship and affection.  We love our community and we love movies, and we create this show as our way of sharing that love and appreciation.  Thank you as always to our many fans who support us and help us keep this show going.  To join us in our conversations between shows, follow us on Facebook at, or you can email us at


0:00 - 1:15:00 - The Avengers (spoiler filled)

1:15:00 - End - Summer Movie trailers (some light spoilers)

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Remember When is pleased to present a seminal moment in our show roster.  After many episodes of hinting and an unintentional delay of a few months, Parris and Jay are pleased to bring you their unabashed and honest conversation about The Empire Strikes Back.

This entire episode is dedicated to our discussion of Irvin Kershner's masterpiece film, and we take a look back at how this movie impacted us in the 80's, how the storyline has changed with us over time, and the new and interesting ways we've viewed the movie at different points in our respective lives.  We give an honest look at the perceived 'perfection' of Empire Strikes Back amongst Star Wars fans and how, in some ways, Episode V is still setting a bar for other Science Fiction films in our modern time.  

We go into our separate beliefs on the Special Edition-ization of Empire and, believe it or not, there are actually updates in the SE that we found both worthy and enjoyable! There's chat about 'the big twist' at the end of the movie, how it was originally scripted, and what it would have meant had the original script been fulfilled.  Imagine, if you will, an alternate universe in which Return of the Jedi was 2 full hours of awesomeness.....   ah, what a dream.

And speaking of Ewoks, we'll be back with our Jedi podcast soon, but plan to bring you an Avengers-filled extravanganza for our next show.  

Although we say it many times in many ways, our shows exists and thrives because we have so many wonderful fans who support us and share in our enthusiasm.  We do this show for you as much as we do it for ourselves, and we continue to thank all of you who tell your friends, family, and loved ones about Remember When.   To keep in touch with us between shows, drop by our Facebook page at or leave us an email at  We'd love to hear from you!

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No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  We're back with a brand new, fresh episode of Remember When... less than two weeks since the last one!  It may seem like an April Fools Joke but trust us, there's nothing to laugh at here...

Well, not unless you count The Hunger Games.  After watching the hit movie, we have some pretty strong opinions we want to voice about how underwhelming of an experience The Hunger Games was, and how we wish there had been a better chance to emotionally connect with the movie and its characters.  This section is filled with spoilers, but if you listen and have the movie ruined for you... we might be doing you a favor.

Then we progress into some continued discussions on the upcoming summer movies as we talk about the new trailer for the Total Recall remake, the new Prometheus trailer and our excitement for this new Ridley Scott endeavor (as well as our concerns about it) and Parris' love for Charlize Theron in both Prometheus and the new Snow White Movie

We end the show with a discussion on the Walking Dead, Mad Men, and a chat about piracy and the logic behind "cutting the cable cord".  It's a fun and interesting talk.

We continue to do our show thanks to the many, many fans who support us and the work we do, and we hope you'll continue to do so.  Why not connect with us online?  You can call our voicemail number at 206-495-1732, email us at, ping us on our Twitter account at @RWPodcast, or find us on Facebook at

Time Stamps

0:00 - 25:36 - The Hunger Games (with plenty of spoilers)

25:36 - 43:10 - Parris' new confession, lots of movie trailer talk (including Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Anchorman 2, GI Joe 2, the new Snow White movie, Prometheus, Total Recall, and more)

43:10 - End - TV Catchup, a discussion on content piracy, and when it makes sense to "Cut the cable cord".  (spoilers on the 5th season pilot for Mad Men, pretty mild spoilers on the Walking Dead finale, and a bunch of tangents otherwise) 

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Six months ago, a podcast faded into a quiet slumber, hibernating its way through the slow winter crawl.  Now, two show hosts emerge, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to talk about the shows and movies they love.  Remember When is back!

We return with a brand new, unscripted show that's recorded on-the-fly as we sit down and catch up on the things we've missed over the past half year.  We discuss the lengthy gap between shows (we're very sorry) and talk about the things in our lives that have kept us focused elsewhere.  But then we dust off our microphones and jump right into the swing of things.

And boy, is there a lot to discuss! Walking Dead is coming off its best season ever, Breaking Bad rang our bell (if you know what I mean), Mad Men's about to return... cable TV is on FIRE right now!  And with the summer roster of movies featuring titles like The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, and Prometheus, 2012 is on track to be one of the best years for pop culture hounds.  

Parris has a confession in the episode, and we take the tangents to a new level by walking right out of the Remember When podcast and back into our old UncleGamer chairs.

This episode is our way of getting back into the swing of things, and lets us catch up while catching you up as well. 

Remember When is a product of love from Jay and Parris.  We do this because we're friends, and our friendship is the podcast.  But we appreciate our listeners as well, and we thank you for the many kind (and a few that were less than kind) letters, emails, and voicemail messages you sent us these past few months.  Having your support enables us to do the show and encourages us to keep doing this.

As always, you can find us on Twitter at RWPodcast, on Facebook at, and on the web at  Or, if you'd like to leave us feedback, you can call us at 206-495-1732 or email us at  Thanks, and enjoy the show!

Time stamps provided for spoiler purposes.  Please note that we do tangent occasionally, and may have other spoilers in between:

0:00 - 9:37 ->  Catching up

9:37 - 15:58 -> Walking Dead

15:58 - 27:45 -> Breaking Bad

27:45 - 30:00 -> Mad Men

30:00 - 31:57 -> The Dark Knight Rises

31:57 - 36:10 -> Homeland

36:10 - 44:57 -> Parris' confession

44:57 - 46:50 -> The Amazing Spider-Man

46:50 - 48:44 -> Flashback to UncleGamer

48:44 - 54:56 -> The year of movies that aren't affected by the Writer's Strike

54:56 - 1:11:17 -> The continuing decline of network TV (includes mild spoilers on Parks & Rec and The Office, as well as general discussion of Alcatraz, Fringe, Terra Nova, Once Upon a Time, and a few others I may be forgetting)

1:11:17 -> Wrap up

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