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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.

Fresh from the archives of Cardiff, Remember When dusts itself off for a brand new episode.  We're returning to the Doctor Who-niverse for one more round, with Episode 43 focusing on Torchwood. 

Parris and Jay talk about how they were introduced to the show, their impressions of the show's content during their first viewing, and how the show has held up in our respective opinions since then.  We talk about the good fortune that led us through the muck of Series 1, why we like Series 2 despite its failings, and go into a deep dive on which characters and storylines we enjoyed.  You might be surprised to find that one of us actually even enjoyed Tosh by the end of the show!

We also hold a very deep dive into Children of Earth, the miniseries that served as our last look into the Special Forces branch.  This five episode series came about after a series of budget cuts, casting issues, and story problems, and we each offer commentary on how Children of Earth changed our ever-shaping opinions of Torchwood... for better or worse.

At the end, we have an unscheduled (but welcome) tangent into the state of sitcoms on TV on the current schedule.  Spoilers for Parks & Recreation are pretty heavy, along with a few minor ones for Modern Family, so be warned.  We also talk about our upcoming plans for the Original Trilogy episodes of Star Wars, how we'll be approaching them, and some of the TLC we're spreading on those recordings in order to make sure we provide you with some of the best episodes of Remember When.  

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Time stamps:

0:00 to 5:04 - Show intro
5:04 to 33:00 - Series 1 discussion - With Spoilers
33:00 to 53:00 - Series 2 discussion (with a tangent on our preferred Time Travel destination) - With Spoilers
53:00 to 1:28:53 - Children of Earth discussion - With Spoilers
1:28:53 to end - Current TV show discussions - Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, True Blood, Modern Family, The Office, Community (with spoilers for The Office, Modern Family, and Parks & Rec) 

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