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You give me Neo, right here, right now And so we come to the final stop in our Matrix saga.  After weeks of waiting in limbo, due to our hectic scheduling issues, we sit down and rip apart The Matrix Revolutions, a movie that's certainly ripe for the picking.  We're focusing the entire episode on the final film in the Wachowski Brothers series... and boy, do we give it a tongue lashing. 

We talk about the many missed opportunities in the script, the inconsistencies within the story, the plot holes big enough to drive the Nebercanezer through, and the terrible, terrible, terrible dialog.  And that's just what happens in the first 10 minute of the podcast.  For a movie like Revolutions, we offer no quarter, even if we do have a few guilty pleasures moments.

Fans of the show, you'll be pleased to hear some of our announcements at the end of this episode.  We cover the topics for our next episode (including the return of Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen) and a surprise related to our new release schedule for the show.

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