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Come with me if you want to get Lost There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.  And with that in mind, we bring you Episode 19 of Remember When, which focuses on the Terminator franchise.

Jay and Parris both had a chance to see Terminator: Salvation during its opening weekend, and had a lot to say about this new take on the popular sci-fi franchise.  What's the verdict on Christian Bale, or the sudden jump to the future?  Does the movie hold up? Grab the show and give it a listen if you want to find out.

We also talk briefly about the original Terminator, the reasons why Terminator 2 is nearly untouchable, and the questionable-yet-unappreciated factors of Terminator 3.  Jay takes a minute to blast Fox over their decision to cancel Sarah Connor Chronicles, too.

For the many listeners of Remember When that enjoy Lost, we talk about the Season 5 finale and what our thoughts were on the Big Reveals, as well as some of the storyline twists. 

Wondering what happened to our Matrix discussions?  Don't worry, we're just tangent'ing right now.  We've decided to do something extra special with the Matrix Revolutions episode by recording it next week, while we're in the same room together, so we can do a full and proper job and tearing down the horror that is Revolutions.   Of course, that means you'll have back-to-back episodes of Remember When in just a week's time, as well.

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The needs of the few, or the one We interrupt your regularly scheduled Matrix rundown to bring you an impromptu episode of Remember When. 

Parris and Jay just got done watching the latest Star Trek movie, helmed by J.J. Abrams, and this episode was recorded on a spur of the moment lark, before either of us had a chance to discuss our thoughts.  What results is the freshest voicing of opinions, before we've had a chance to prepare ourselves. 

Part new territory, part reboot, and part time travel, the latest film in this beloved franchise has a lot riding on it.  But is this the true Phoenix risen from the ashes, or does it fall flat on its face?  We've got differences of opinion across the board here, with the two of us on opposite ends of the spectrum on quite a few points.

This episode is filled with spoilers from the new Star Trek movie, so make sure you've had a chance to see the film in theaters before listening to this episode.

We'll be capping off the Matrix trilogy soon, so don't think we've forgotten about Matrix Revolutions.  I mean, we tried to forget it, but sometimes you just can't get over the scars.

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The problem is choice ... or at least, that's what The Architect wants you to believe.

Remember When has plugged itself back into the system, with our latest episode dedicated to The Matrix Reloaded, and we've got a lot to talk about. 

Our episode kicks off with a discussion on the hype leading up to one of the most anticipated sequels in cinema history.  With its marketing campaign in overdrive and a bevy of nonstop commercials, was Warner Bros. writing a check it couldn't cash?

We also discuss the release of The Animatrix, a companion anime piece to the Matrix trilogy which managed to captivate us almost as much as the first movie. 

Oh, and we talk about The Matrix Reloaded, too.  It was a struggle, but we both rewatched the middle movie and.... well, we won't spoil the fun.  Needless to say, we have quite a lot to talk about.  Neo's connection to Pi, the curse of the film shoot, Parris' hype for the most anticipated sequel in his lifetime, and so much more.

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