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The official Geek Out show from Remember When is dedicated to all the TV shows, cartoons, and movies from years past that have made us the geeks we are.
Superman, the Saran Wrap This is a special edition release, available exclusively to subscribers of our RSS feed.

In this special episode, released as part of the Gamercast Network's GTA IV launch, we're talking about the legacy of Superman movies.  Yes, even the god awful Superman III and IV releases.  You might want to forget all about those bogus storylines, but we're here to tell you:  You are not alone.  We all hate those pieces of crap.

We also talk about the long-awaited Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut release, the travesty that was the cinematic release of Superman II, and give you a helpful tip to help make Superman Returns a better movie.

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You Outta Time, Baby Welcome to the second episode of Remember When, the show that's dedicated to Geekdom and the things that makes us geeks.

This week, we're talking about the Back to the Future trilogy and our thoughts on it, the joy that is Pixar, and why we're sitting here salivating over The Dark Knight.  You want tangents?  We've got them in spades!

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Remember When, the geek podcast spin-off of UncleGamer Radio! 

In this 'pilot' episode, we talk about Battlestar Galactica's spectacular run (and the hiccups in season three), The Shield vs. The Office, and Jay's naivety towards Caddyshack.  We've got some great tangent moments in here, so if you loved the geekouts on UncleGamer, you'll enjoy this!

As this is our 'pilot' episode, we'd appreciate hearing from you.  Do you enjoy this show?  If so, please email us at and let us know!
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