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You are a toy!

Less than a week after the release of our Honda Hybrid Confessions, we're back with another episode of Remember When!

In this Special Edition release, we're talking exclusively about Toy Story 3.  Jay and Parris had a chance to check out Pixar's latest release during its opening weekend spectacle, and now that we've had a chance to process it, we sit down and discuss our reactions to the movie, what went right, and what could have been improved.

Parris talks about how the saga of movies has touched his life over the past 15 years, Jay looks at the movie from a newer perspective, and we look back fondly on the series that's brought us so many laughs, gasps, and tears.  

This is a spoiler-heavy podcast, so we encourage you to see the movie in theaters before listening to this episode.  But trust us:  Bring kleenex for the last few minutes of Toy Story 3.  You'll need them.  

In the last few minutes, we pit Alien versus Aliens, talk about what you can expect from the upcoming Firefly, and give you a hint about our Big Secret Plan for Remember When.

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Program time stamps:


Start to 37:20 - Toy Story 3 discussion, with spoilers

37:20 to end - Alien, Aliens, announcement on the Firefly episode, and a surprise...


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