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That TV Show on ABC

After a two month hiatus to focus on bringing a new life into the world, Remember When is proud to be back on your iPods, Zunes, and computers!

We kick off the show by continuing our Scorsese edition of Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  Released in 1995 and featuring an all-star cast, Parris previously stated that he expected Jay to like Casino, but not as much as he loved Goodfellas.  Will the prognostications of Parris prove poignant, or will Jay dislike this film?  We sit and talk about the joys of Scorsese's direction, the writing pace, and the stellar performance of Sharon Stone.

Then we kick into higher gear as we talk about the lead-in to the 2010 Summer movie season, Iron Man 2.  Robert Downey Jr. is back, but is his red suit still firing on all thrusters?  Did the sequel rise above the quality of the original for Jay and Parris, or was this just a so-so offering that could have been better?   And most importantly, how awesome is Scarlett Johansson in tight clothes?   We give you a spoiler-heavy look at Iron Man 2, covering what we liked, what we didn't like, and more.

Finally, we jump into our continuing discussion on LOST.  As ABC's hit show draws closer to its finish line, we talk about our increased disappointment over events in the show, the diminished impact of the show's writing, and what we think could have been improved.  We also talk about our theories for the show's ending, what we would have liked to see happen, and theorize on what contributed to the collapse of this show's universe.

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Timestamp information:

Casino discussion:  4:37 - 13:45 

Iron Man 2 discussion (spoiler laden):  14:45 - 41:00

LOST discussion (spoiler laden):  52:00 - 1:14:40

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