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Revenge of the Slater

As the 80's saying goes, Fair is Fair. In light of this, we're happy to bring you another episode of Remember When.

This week, our featured discussion is Heathers.  Chosen by our Facebook fans in a poll this week, Heather is the latest in Great Movies That Jay Has Never Seen, but it's also brand new to Parris as well!  We sit down and talk about the general reception of the movie, what we think of Christian Slater in one of his earliest performances, and talk about the mix of dark comedy and over the top violence.  Jay waxes philosophically about the parallels between the movie and The Catcher in the Rye, Parris feels let down by some elements of the movie, and the ghost of Christian Slater's 80's hairdo comes back from the dead to strike at the podcast.  We also tangent into 80's High School Movies in general, and how Heathers compares and contrasts against some of the greats, like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Breakfast Club.

Then we jump into the latest news in TV cancellations, talking about FlashForward and Heroes.  Both programs were axed by their respective networks this week, and we talk about why we're OK with these decisions, what we think about the peril of investing in a mediocre show for too long, and how some of these decisions may affect our long term viewing habits.

We also have a few things to say about LOST, with a couple of minor spoilers... but you'll have to wait until the end of the show for the surprise.

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Program time stamps:

3:41 - 33:10  :  Heathers and High School Movies

33:30 - 58:52 : The cancelation of Flashforward & Heroes, and the effect of mediocre shows 

58:57 - End : Upcoming programming note (with some LOST spoilers)

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