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Parris and Jay vs. The World

Prepare yourself for a battle royale.  Remember When is back with a new podcast, and this time, it's a battle of opinions!  

We sit down this week for a quick episode, as we look back on our respective experiences with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Jay loved it passionately, Parris hated it to the point of nearly walking out.  With two diametrically opposed opinions, it's going to be a fun discussion.

Jay talks about his experiences with the movie, why he was pleased he DIDN'T read the comics ahead of time, and how he appreciates the love letter effect in the film.  Parris explains The Wife Effect, his feelings on why the romantic storyline deflated the overall film, and why Michael Cera might not have been the best choice for the role.

Two people enter the ring.  Where will it end?  Listen in and find out.

Then we wrap up the show with some talk about True Blood, Mad Men, why AMC is one of the greatest cable networks available, and our hopes and fears for the Fall TV season.  Believe it or not, we even manage to avoid spoilers in this section as well!

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Program time stamps:

Start to 26:55 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (loads of spoilers)

26:55 to end - Mad Men, AMC, the Fall TV lineup, and the failings of network TV (extremely minimal spoilers)

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