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Oh, Sookie!

Remember When is proud to bring you the first edition of our Honda Hybrid Confessions.  Made famous on the UncleGamer Radio show back in 2008, we're continuing our annual trend by moving Remember When to the official Live show of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

As we zip through the Los Angeles freeway system, we talk about our initial reactions to "Bad Blood", the Season 3 opener for True Blood.  The return of Sookie, Team Bill, Team Eric, LaFayette, and Tara has been something we've both been eagerly anticipating, and we talk about what worked in the episode, what fell flat, where the show missed an opportunity, and how much fun we had.  

Then we tangent off as Jay confesses to Parris about a deep, dark, dirty secret from his Ireland trip.

We wrap up the show with a mini-homage to our old UncleGamer days as we talk briefly about video games and what we saw during the first day of press conferences at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, what we're looking forward to, and the things we're most excited about as we prepare to set foot in the convention halls of this year's E3.

This episode is presented in its raw and uncut format, recorded on-the-fly as we're sitting in a car together, giving you a chance to listen in on us during one of our normal conversations without any editing or adjustments to the recording.  As a result, you may notice a little more naughty language than usual, but we do our best to put it to good effect.  Mostly.  ;)

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Program time stamps:

Start to 12:48 - True Blood

12:48 to - 16:18 - Jay's Confession

16:18 to 26:53 - Video Game conversations

26:54 to end - Show wrap up

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