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Farewell to LOST

After six years of living together, LOST moved into the afterlife this past weekend.  And with the show's closure, we're proud to give you our Farewell to LOST.

We take a look back at the show's final 2 and a half hours, looking at the finale episode with a fresh viewpoint, clear heart, and an open mind.   Can a show like LOST be wrapped up in a 2 hour story?  Will we find the closure we wanted or needed?  And most importantly, was it worth it?  We talk about what we loved with the finale and what we didn't enjoy.

Then we go back in time, looking at the course of the show's history.  We talk about why LOST was important when it started, how significant it was in TV history, and what it meant for the landscape of television programming over the next few years.  We also talk about some of our favorite scenes, our most missed characters, and why Nikki and Paulo are still better off dead, even from a Sideways perspective.

Lastly, we give you a look at the upcoming Remember When schedule.  Even if you're not a LOST fan and you hate when we talk about it, you don't want to miss our next two show topics.  At least one of them will be epic.

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Program time stamps:

0:00 - 1:14:30 - LOST talk

1:14:30 - 1:17:04 - Reminiscing on how LOST built a friendship

1:19:44 - End -  Upcoming schedule for Remember When

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