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Digging up a frozen alien is a bad idea

Two episodes in one week?  No, you're not hallucinating.  After a mere seven days since our last release, we're proud to bring you Episode 29 of Remember When!

We kick off the show with the latest in Great Movies Jay Has Never Seen.  John Carpenter's "The Thing" is a cult classic, and one of the best performances that Kurt Russell has ever turned in over the course of his career.   But between the blood and guts and the Wilford Brimley appearance, will Jay be able to find his moment of sci-fi / horror zen?  

Then we move into current events with a recap of this week's episode of LOST.  As the final season continues with "What Kate Does", we lament what this episode didn't do, talk about where our frustrations lie, and continue to offer our predictions for how the series will end.

We even have a full 20 minute segment of tangents at the end.  What good would our show be without them?

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