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Captain Winter: The American Soldier

We interrupt the six month gap in our recording schedule to bring you this EMERGENCY podcast.  

We hadn't planned to record another episode this soon. But a funny thing happened... Captain America: The Winter Solder hit theaters last week. 

And when the movie finished, and the two of us walked out of the theater, we agreed...  this couldn't wait.  We HAD to talk about Captain America, right away.  No delays. 

If The Winter Soldier has a single message to deliver to its viewers, it's that Marvel isn't playing around in Phase 2.  They're here to deliver.  And it's so serious, so wonderfully delivered, that the next hour of Remember When is exclusively dedicated to the epic proportions of The Winter Solider. 

We don't even tangent outside of the Marvel universe (much).  And we spoil pretty much all of the Marvel movies to date.  So if you haven't seen The Winter Soldier yet, do yourself a favor and leave this episode alone until you do.  You'll be glad you waited.  

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